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Shaky Start for an Old Friend

Shaky Start for an Old Friend By Jane Hufford CrockerStrom Director, Linn County Small Woodland Assoc. The following is a story relayed to me by my father, Leslie Hufford. “Shakes and Rattles” was Myrtle’s and my first log truck. We had been married about five years and we realized we needed a truck of our own to haul logs on. There was a fella by the name of Banta, related to the other Bantas in Crawfordsville that had this Chevy truck for sale out of Pleasant Valley. Myrt and I worked out a deal with him and we bought the truck and trailer for $1,000. We were pretty pleased with ourselves because we could get even more done and we had the truck available when we needed it. It wasn’t too bad when we got it. I logged for awhile before I had to work on it. We had to put an auxiliary transmission and a different rear end in it because these items were not big enough. We could take it loose at the springs and change the rear end. We were using it when we first got together with th

Dave Bateman's Down on the Tree Farm

Down on the Tree Farm - in Memory of Dave Bateman Down on The Tree Farm, written by Dave Bateman, were a series of timeless articles on the topic of "What to Do Around the Tree Farm" during the various seasons. Summer 2007 Winter 2007 Summer 2008 Fall 2014 A tribute to Dave Bateman by Sherm Sallee Dave’s occupation as a surveyor and timber cruiser made him feel right at home in the woods. He and his wife Karen owned a little piece of tree farm heaven where they entertained several small woodland board meetings and tours. Dave was very enthusiastic about small woodland events and enjoyed helping with the planning and execution. He provided essential leadership to the Linn County Small Woodlands chapter for several years. He was a member of the Oregon Woodland Cooperative and participated in purchasing a small system to produce essential oils from fir and pine for sale through the cooperative. Dave headed up an informal group of Linn County small woodland owners wh