Stories From the Tree Farm

There are a lot of good stories from the woods. Our day-to-day activities in our forests bring us heart-warming or funny or cautionary tales. “Stories From the Tree Farm” will feature local stories for your education and entertainment. Contact web master Jim Merzenich at with submittals.
The first submission to Stories From the Tree Farm, comes from Linn County Small Woodlands Association Director Jane Hufford CrockerStrom who grew up on logging property near Sweet Home between the middle and south forks of the Santiam River. In the coming months she will be sharing with readers some insights into area’s not-so-distant past.
Jane has penned a series of stories about isolated tree-farm life. She calls them “dad’s breakfast stories” — told to her by Leslie Alfred Hufford, 1913-1998. Jane still lives on Hufford Ridge, 640 acres shaped by Leslie Hufford — and his four daughters. She is a retired elementary school teacher, who for one year presided over a one-room school house in Baker County. Besides tree farm duties and the OSWA board, Jane is also active with the Union Cemetery District and a womens’ scholarships group.

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